Source Swag Spotlight: 2 New Deadpool T-Shirts!

Source Swag Spotlight: 2 New Deadpool T-Shirts!

Hey! It’s 2 new Deadpool t-shirts for YOU! They’re both utterly hilarious, utterly stylish, and utterly yours for a measly 22 “sheckles” (or whatever currency we’re currently accepting these days). Friday, we were accepting Pepperidge Farm® goldfish, but today, it looks like regular, reality-based currency currently keeping afloat our always worrisome, worldly economy. Anyway…2 new Deadpool Tees! Let’s break it down!

It’s the Deadpool Common Sense Tingling Men’s T-Shirt!

Deadpool Common Sense Tingling Men's T-Shirt
Deadpool Common Sense Tingling Men’s T-Shirt. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Made from 100% cotton, this dark gray t-shirt features an image of Deadpool (not by coincidence) asking us to lower our face volume. Why? Because his common sense is tingling! Just like Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense warning Spidey of impending danger, Deadpool’s “Common-Sense” is triggered when a situation appears terribly and uncompromisingly stupid; something that should definitely be avoided and completely reversed if at all possible. Hang-gliding with an alligator, for example, is an idea that will result in an acute, “Common-Sense” attack of the parietal lobe.

It’s the Deadpool Arms Crossed in Symbol T-Shirt

Source Wag Spotlight: 2 New Deadpool Tees!
Deadpool Arms Crossed in Symbol T-Shirt. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Made from 100% cotton, this black t-shirt features a familiar image of Deadpool seemingly ensnared by his very own symbol. Yes, I’m aware he’s not really trapped; let’s call it a blotchy, splattered “layering” of a symbol over said familiar Deadpool image. And it looks like the eyes are…crying? Nah, that’s part of the “blotchy” effect slathering the entire shirt. A crying Deadpool symbol is waaaay too morose for a freaking Deadpool t-shirt. Unless fatalism, depression, and unrelenting self-hatred are now the new comedy zeitgeist. Wait…