The Source Swag Spotlight: Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn Cosmetic Bags!

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn Cosmetic Bags

Check out our new cosmetic bags adorned in the imagery and repetitive indicia of your favorite super-heroines! Okay, so Harley Quinn’s not exactly a ‘heroine’ but she does help out now and again; if she sees a stray cat, she doesn’t kick it. Anyway, check out these super-neato cosmetic bags!

The Wonder Woman Cosmetic Bag!The Wonder Woman Cosmetic Bag!










The Wonder Woman Cosmetic Bag ($24.99 now $21.49) is made from 66% polyester, 32% PVC, and 2% polyurethane, covered in the royally repetitious Wonder Woman symbol! Unsnap this handy-dandy cosmetic bag and unveil the expanded, cosmetics storage area rife with pockets and zipper-closing compartments! No bag-sized space available to lay down your bag? Hang it on a doorknob or towel rack with the conveniently placed hanger-device located at the bag’s tippy-top.

The Wonder Woman Cosmetic Bag!The Wonder Woman Cosmetic Bag!

The Harley Quinn Cosmetic Bag!Harley Quinn Cosmetic Bag

The Harley Quinn Cosmetic Bag  ($24.99 now $21.49), also 66% polyester, 32% PVC, and 2% polyurethane, features Harley Quinn with hammer in hand, layered over her characteristic Joker card pattern. What’s in this Harley Cosmetic bag, I wonder. Copious amounts of white foundation? 6-8 tubes of blood-stained, black lipstick? Perhaps a few split domino masks and a furiously sharpened butter-knife, or maybe a note that reads, “Meet me at the farm. We’re feeding Robin’s body to the piggies,” signed by a ‘Mister J.’ Okay, maybe not. Anyway, unsnap the conveniently snapped snaps to reveal an expansive space for real cosmetics and ABSOLUTELY NONE of that nonsense I went on about earlier. Enjoy zipper-closing compartments and snug, elastic bands for secure cosmetics holding. And don’t forget about that extremely helpful hanging device for when the sink is simply too cluttered with comics, cacti, tartar sauce and whatever else your boyfriend takes with him into the bathroom.

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