Star Wars: The Force Awakens Contest

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Contest

Are you one with the Force? Are you able to manipulate the minds of lesser creatures and harness the latent energy around you in order to augment your already formidable skills? Oh, you can do all that? Fantastic! Even if not, you might still be interested in our fantastic new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Contest!

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We aren’t technically allowed to start selling Star Wars: The Force Awakens gear until September 4th (and we have tons of it already) but in order to celebrate this new eon in Star Wars goodness we’ve decided to throw a groovy little Star Wars: The Force Awaken Contest for you guys. We love George Lucas’ space opus as much as you guys…I think we tend to have a lightsaber battle at least once a day and it occupies a lot of the Boss-Man’s time. Gotta love where you work, you know?

How do you enter this magical contest where you can win tons of Star Wars merchandise and special, custom made lightsabers by Ultra Sabers? Perhaps you can even join the Knights of Ren! By clicking on the link below and entering your email; you’ll automatically be entered and you’ll get special newsletters whenever we get some super sweet Star Wars swag in. We love Star Wars. You love Star Wars. Why not enter our Star Wars: The Force Awakens Contest? You have nothing to lose and lots to gain! Act quickly now before the Empire positions the Death Star above our warehouse.