The Source Swag Spotlight: Celebrating National Hat Day!

National Hat Day!

Yes, that’s right; it’s officially National Hat Day! Thankfully, has quite a few thousand hats launching tirelessly, endlessly and inappropriately from our official ‘Hat Cornucopia.’ Well, it’s more like a techno-organic cannon, but we call it ‘The Cornucopia’ because it’s a festive, natural skeuomorph used to allay people’s fears when confronted by a 30 foot long, weeping cyborg-cylinder launching hats hundreds of miles into hundreds of mailboxes. Yup.

Anyway, we have a lot of freaking hats and here’s a helpful link showing you just how many freaking superhero/sci-fi hats we have RIGHT NOW! After clicking the link, feel free to scroll down until your index finger spasms, or click one of the helpful category links above to find yourself the PERFECT HAT! Speaking of perfect hats, let’s take a look at the 3 baseball caps presented above and now below!

Starting from the top!

Check out the Deadpool Symbol Black 9Fifty Cap ($29.99)! Made from 100% wool, this black, flat-billed, adjustable New Era cap features Deadpool’s familiar, circular symbol front and center, and a teeny-tiny little Deadpool symbol nestled and collusive on the hat’s still-black back! Collusive? Yes, it’s there to aid and abet while eating too much red meat, throwing recyclable plastics in the trash, and screaming “Freebird” at every live band you see.

Bottom left!

It’s the Captain America Shield Blue 59Fifty Cap ($34.99)! Made from 100% wool, this fitted, blue-bodied, red-billed adjustable cap from quality hat makers, New Era, features the upstanding red, white and blue Captain America shield symbol! What’s on the back? A sizable, red Captain America logo outlined in boldly bordering white! This Captain America cap practically SCREAMS the words ‘America,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘hot dog,’ ‘Netflix binge,’ ‘snowball fight’ and ‘gingivitis.’ Yup.

Bottom right!

It’s the Ant-Man Armor 59Fifty Hat ($55.99)! Made from 100% polyurethane, this shiny, fitted, flat-billed baseball cap looks very much like Ant-Man’s especially helpful helmet! The faux reflective integument displays illustrated features similar to Hank Pym’s shrink-tested head-protector; they’re so deceptively real, one might charge a closed door expecting to shrink spontaneously before diving through a keyhole. Unfortunately, the hat’s printed accouterments are merely decorative, leading the deceived leaper to ram his soft, spongy noggin into a solid door and lose bowel integrity immediately after blacking out.

Now, I’m not going to spoil too much, but you REALLY need to turn this hat over. Seriously, there’s a lot going on, so I suggest you refer to that link I included roughly 81 words ago. Yup.

It’s National Hat Day, everyone. What hat will YOU be wearing??