The Source Swag Spotlight: The Batman Fabrikations Figure


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AAAHH SOOO CUTE! This is a phrase one rarely, if ever, applies to the Batman. I think the Joker may have said it once or twice, but that’s the Joker; he’s allowed to state ridiculous things that sound innocuous, but are, in fact, deeply caustic aspersions. Anyway, yes, seeing Batman rendered in the form of this Batman Fabrikations Figure makes me want to say the word, “CUTE,” loudly, vigorously and repetitively while squeezing the holy heck out of this cuddly little Batman caricature.15ea196b-aa4e-4839-b99a-18b3680c686a_2Yes, you’ve seen Batman plushies before, but this one stands out. Why? Firstly, the aforementioned Cuteness Factor (C.F.) is humming along at a previously unheard of 11 on the universally recognized Cuteness Scale (C.S.) that NEVER registers anything beyond a 10. No foolin’. Secondly, this Batman Fabrikations figure is a high quality piece made with the collector in mind. What lends to the quality? The Batman Fabrikations figure is filled with copious amounts of foam for a super-soft, super-lush feel. Made from high quality (there’s that phrase again) fabrics, this excruciatingly cute Batman figure also features embroidered detailing around the cape, gloves, feetsies (cuter word for “feet”), waist, face, cowl, eyes and…yeah, it’s everywhere; they really, really took their time assembling this especially adorable Dark Knight.

What else? Okay, this perfectly petite protector of the poorly protected features vinyl, character specific accessories (Batarang, utility belt), flat-bottom feet for easy display, and a rotating head so he can watch you effectively….and judge. You thought the Elf on the Shelf was an unforgiving son of a b*tch, just wait until you’re under the watchful eye of Batman. Holy sh*t, you’ll never open another present again after he reads your parents the 753 page report on your accumulated misgivings, mistakes, selfish behavior, and poorly conceived, non-existent Karate moves. Yep, you’re seriously %!!#@%.

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