Tis the Seasoning: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper from the 1980s

I know, I know…that title is painful but I gotta get my little pleasures in when I can! Everybody loves spices but what do you do about making sure a bit of personality shines through in your kitchenware? Do you really just wanna use those plain-Jane see-through salt and pepper shakers? NO! You want to use some of the radical spice-dispensers that you see before you!

Handcrafted and painted, these exceptional salt and pepper shakers highlight combinations of some of your favorite DC and Marvel characters; we have Superman and Lex Luthor, Joker and Batman, Green Goblin and Spider-Man, Red Skull and Captain America, Magneto and Wolverine, and many others! Like I said…they certainly beat the heck out of ‘normal’ shakers, don’t they?

A table displaying comic book salt and pepper shakers
Your meals just got a lot more interesting!

They say you shouldn’t play with your food but they never made any mention about shakers and utensils…or maybe they did because you an avid spoon player but stick with me. You’ll be able to reenact epic battles between some of your cherished characters; who will win the the world-shattering conflict on how much salt and pepper to put on your eggs? You’ll never know unless you get some of these fantastic superhero salt and pepper shakers!

A Paradody Red Skull Cover
This is what happens when a writer and a graphic artist brainstorm – the Red Skull shaker takes over the world.