Arizona Cosplayer Runs for Office


Is this one of those events where art imitates life or is life imitating art? An Arizona cosplayer has taken her skills and charisma and is running for a spot on the Arizona House of Representatives! Hey, there have been stranger people to have won a political spot, right? Cara Nicole Trujillo, the Arizona cosplayer known for her Harley Quinns, Powergirls, Supergirls, and Emma Frosts, talks to tons of people in her home state and wants to use that to catapult her into a position of helping people. In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Cara Nicole Trujillo said, “My main agenda in this campaign is to open the eyes and minds of the community. I want people to understand that they have a voice in government. Our legislators are supposed to be here to represent us. It’s still early in the election but a few of the issues I would like to address are Civil Forfeiture, Family Law Reform, Title 8, and taxes on Solar energy. While I was working in family law reform I would sit through hours of other issues being addressed while waiting for our bills to come up. I would listen to the testimony and read the issues and it inspired me to do more.”

Taking aim at politics!
Taking aim at politics!

She then added, “Complaining about my cosplay is a weak argument. The news sources that tried to use cosplay against me have had a lot of their audience stand up for me and remind them that this is 2016 and we have gotten past a lot of the sexism of earlier decades. And thanks to all those people who recognize my passion and hard work, I don’t think I have anything to say to the detractors, because they’ll say it for me. Putting me aside for a moment, I will say that I think it’s a mistake and very reductive to take someone less seriously because of cosplay; I could give you a long list of police officers, firemen, nurses, active duty service men and yes, even politicians who cosplay.” Running for District 26 in the Tempe/Mesa area, the famous Arizona cosplayer wants you vote! Unfortunately, we here at SuperheroStuff are in Pennsylvania so we can’t help!

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  1. Thank you so much SuperHero Stuff. You can help and you did by spreading the news. Aside from my candidacy, I want to encourage others to become involved in their local government. Thank you for spreading the word.

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