Can You Lift Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir?


Ah, you have to love a comic book fan with some advanced engineering skills! Inventor Alan Pan of Sufficiently Advanced decided to take his love of both and combine them…AND THEN UNLEASH THEM ON THE UNWITTING PUBLIC WITH HIS VERSION OF MJOLNIR! Ack, sorry about that. I think I went a little Loki there for a bit. You can’t blame me though, right? They told me I was just as worthy as Thor! Where’s my Mjolnir? Hmmm?

Using a fingerprint scanner, electromagnets, and a touch sensitive handle, Alan took his creation to Venice Beach and as the above video demonstrates, everybody thinks they have the potential to ‘be worthy’. I guess having Mjolnir lying around is just too much for anybody to pass up, right? You never know…it might work and suddenly you are imbued with the power of Marvel’s Mighty God of Thunder! Such a title…and such a weapon! I think I would spend most of my time patrolling the Nine Realms…and demanding pizza and mozzarella sticks tributes. Hey, I’m sure the Asgardians would appreciate a mighty ‘snackrifice’ from time to time! I wonder how many of you are suddenly looking up to make this thing! Just make sure that nobody calls the thing ‘Meow-Meow’. (shudder).