Real Life LEGO Avengers Tower


I wonder if the SPECIAL is in there somewhere…or how much Kragle was used! The above video shows off a Real Life LEGO Avengers Tower constructed by ‘Down Under Bricks’, an Australian endeavor. Created for the largest LEGO convention in Australia, the Real Life LEGO Avengers Tower is broken down into three different sections (which you can find in detail on Youtube) but the above just covers the project in its entirety. Pretty sweet, eh? Now the real question is…where is the motivational cat poster and/or Morgan Freeman? No double-decker sofa? Awww!

LEGO is one of the most popular toy companies in the world. Started in Denmark in 1932 and still family owned, LEGO can be seen anywhere from Batman to Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to the Marvel Universe. Since 2010, LEGO has had at a minimum of a 10% increase in profit ushering in a new golden age of the wonderful building block toy…and a new era in grievous foot wounds. Joking aside, the Real Life LEGO Avengers Tower is definitely a labor of love and something that should be appreciated. A real shame that we couldn’t see it in person in the United States…or could we? Either way, one can never go wrong with LEGO!