Want to Go to Comic Con for Free (2018)?


Calling All Comic Con Volunteers!

(Entry Form Below)

Time Commitment

A shift is generally 6 hours long, and we ask that you try to show up 15-30 minutes prior to your first shift so that we can give you the proper training. We will supply you with a badge for the day. For those of you who work multiple days, we will let you hold onto your badge longer so you have more of a chance to enjoy the show! We ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of 6 hours at a time. This is so we can get you up to speed on the things you’ll be helping us with, and still leave time for you to actually help! Don’t worry…none of it is rocket science. You get one of our SuperHeroStuff team shirts and will be a representative of our company while you work.

What You Get For Volunteering

  • Free Day Pass to CON!
  • $25 in merchandise for every day volunteering
  • Five free buttons (both DC & Marvel to choose from).
  • 20% discount at SuperHeroStuff.com for one year. Yeah, baby!
  • One SuperHeroStuff “team” t-shirt (the ones we wear at each convention).Please note: You must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer with us! (It’s a safety thing)


    A SuperHeroStuff volunteer is generally tasked with doing a bunch of random stuff, but we do our best to put people where they’re most comfortable. Below are the areas where volunteer help is most needed.

    Customer Shmoozer: Someone who can talk to customers, help them with questions on sizing, and be able to help pinpoint that one character their son likes that they can’t think of! You know who we mean… That guy, with the costume… and the alter ego……..

    Folding Shirts: People come by and act as if this is Wal-Mart or Hot Topic or something and literally pick up a stack of shirts, unfold every single one of them, set them down in a pile and move onto another stack of shirts and do the exact same thing. Argh!! Tis the nature of the beast with apparel and retail, and so we need volunteers who can pick up the pieces with their folding skills and help us keep our booth looking nice and tidy.

    Setting Up: Help us set up the booth on Thursday… Put up the walls and shelves, display products on the shelves and do lots of other little tasks to get the booth looking pretty and prepped for the onslaught of people about to converge on it.

    Interested?! Awesome! Sign up here!

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      I am available to work (Please see con dates and enter one or multiple separated by commas mm/dd available) :

      Setup: Wed, May 23

      Setup and Show: Thur, May 24
      Show: Fri, May 25
      Show: Sat, May 26
      Show and Teardown: Sun, May 27

      Setup: Wed, June 13
      Setup: Thur, June 14
      Show: Fri, June 15
      Show: Sat, June 16
      Show and Teardown: Sun, June 17

      I am willing to work:12345 Days

      I understand that I only receive a day pass to con for the day I volunteer.

      I understand that if I volunteer for setup, a NON con, day I will not receive a day pass to con for any future day.

      I understand that this is a volunteer (unpaid) position.



    1. I’m already volunteering for the Con and will receive free entry with Awesome Con, but I would totally be willing to help set up.

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