Avatar’s Stephen Lang Wants to Be Cable in Deadpool 2

Stephen Lang Wants to Be Cable

So after the bombastic opening weekend for Deadpool and news that a sequel has already been greenlit, there has been tons and tons of speculation on who will get to play the mutant Cable in Deadpool 2. However, if the story of Deadpool has anything to teach it’s that an actor can get something off the ground through sheer force of will. Remember, Deadpool existed solely as test footage for the longest time and through the power of the internet and some grassroots campaigning, Ryan Reynolds got Deadpool off the ground. That being said, it looks like Avatar’s Stephen Lang wants to be Cable in Deadpool 2!

Will that be the techno-organic arm?
Will that be the techno-organic arm?

“Let’s lay some CABLE. You know I want it. This is pre-training. Thanks for spreading the word. #Deadpool.” Stephen Lang said this on his Twitter account while posting this picture. You know what might help Stephen Lang secure the role? If he had something from our Deadpool merchandise page! You might recognize the actor as the gung-ho commander from Avatar or that short-lived ‘people living in the past’ dinosaur show…where he played a gung-ho commander. Either way, Stephen Lang definitely looks the part and it will be interesting to see if he is able to score the role in the long run!


  1. Probably the most perfect casting idea since Hugh Jackman. He can act AND he looks the part! I don’t care if he’s nominating himself, he looks great for it!

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