Bryan Singer Confirms Mr. Sinister for Wolverine 3

Bryan Singer Confirms Mr. Sinister for Wolverine 3
Bryan Singer Confirms Mr. Sinister for Wolverine 3
C’mon. DRINK IT!

When a few dapper looking (SPOILER ALERT!!) Essex Corps employees collected a vial of Wolverine’s blood during the (SPOILER ALERT!!) post-credits scene for X-Men: Apocalypse, it seemed we might eventually meet the legendary head honcho of the always vile corporation, the morally deficient geneticist Nathaniel Essex, aka Mr. Sinister. When would we meet him? Presumably, during the next X-Film. However, according to the audio commentary on the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse Blu-ray/DVD release, director Bryan Singer confirms Mr. Sinister for Wolverine 3.

Singer doesn’t elaborate too much, but having the usually extravagantly dressed, genetics-happy Mr. Sinister appear in the 3rd Wolverine film makes a considerable amount of sense. Why? Well, you just know the mostly immortal, mad scientist will do his level best to build his very own, mutable mutant. And, in the spirit of cloning and manufacturing super-people, he may inevitably create X-23.

Oh, and he could totally be responsible for creating and/or forming his formidable comic book team, the Marauders, which could invariably lead to an arc finding expression in a Gambit film….if there’s a Gambit film to be had, that is.

Yes, in a classic X-Men storyline titled “The Mutant Massacre,” Gambit owed Sinister a favor; the “good” doctor helped restore Gambit’s waning powers. He repaid this debt by leading a band of super-powered mercenaries and assassins to underground tunnels housing a downtrodden population of mutants knows as the Morlocks. Sinister, fearing this mutant collective would dilute the mutant gene-pool, wanted them….well, massacred, hence the title, “Mutant Massacre.”  So…uh…thanks for that, Gambit.