Chris Pine Talks Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor


Chris Pine, while promoting Finest Hours, had a few moments to talk about what it was like to be Steve Trevor with the Toronto Sun. Of course the interview was mostly about Finest Hours, but hey, we are interested in Wonder Woman! Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman looks to set up the background history to the expanded DC cinematic universe. Of course we will see Gal as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman, but she is due for her own movie!

“Steve Trevor is a rogue-ish, cynical realist who’s seen the awful brutish nature of modern civilization,” Pine stated. “He’s a worldly guy, a charming guy and it’s going to be a great, fun film. There are some incredibly deep, interesting and morally relevant themes. Patty (Jenkins) is just directing the daylights out of it. It’s shot beautifully feels so wonderfully period, but also has this wonderful pop sensibility.”

Chris Pine then continued on about what it was like to shoot against a World War 1 setting. “It’s a period we don’t see often; it’s usually World War II. Our costume design is incredible. We have scenes with, like, 500 extras all in period dress. I’d never been on a film with extras casting as beautifully done as it is here. It highlights a really important point. When background casting is done well, it can make or break a scene. I’ve got people in deep background that have entire lives. It’s awesome, it’s actual make-believe land.”