Flash Movie Will Allegedly Release Early

Speed Force

I don’t know if you guys realize this, but big movie companies will state that they will be releasing a movie at a certain time in order to stake a ‘claim’ against other companies. This will often cause some rather interesting games of movie-based chicken revolving around release dates and the big dog in the room right now is Star Wars. Nobody wants to go up against that…Force Awakens cleared north of 2 billion dollars and attempting to release a movie against that will definitely effect the take home. Star Wars has caused everybody from Steven Spielberg to DC to move their movies around and speculation says that the Flash movie may be arriving a week earlier! Leave it to the World’s Fastest Man to show up early, right?

It all started when Steven Spielberg decided to move his adaptation of Ready Player One away from Star Wars. That makes sense if you consider that both are very similar at least in genre. By moving Ready Player One, Spielberg bumped shoulders with an unspecified DC movie which sources point to as the Flash movie, originally slated for a March 23th 2018 release and moved to a March 16th, 2018 release. I guess if this keeps up we may see the Flash movie next year! He’ll just leap-frog weeks till he gets here, right? He’s probably interested in this stuff. Makes you wonder if those gravitational waves that LIDO detected were from him, right?