Gal Gadot Shares First Wonder Woman Movie Poster at SDCC 2016
It’s WONDROUS O’Clock!

After all the Marvel TV news scorching our welcoming faces with hot…uh…chicken grease(?) last night, today marks the beginning of DC/Warner Brothers’ offerings at the always fan-friendly, insanely informative San Diego Comic-Con. To kick things off properly, actress Gal Gadot shared the first Wonder Woman movie poster, further igniting our anticipation for Patty Jenkins’ historical, Wonder Wonder biopic hitting theaters June 2nd, 2017. Now, take a deep breath; this Wonder Woman movie poster is a splendorous thing.

Gal Gadot Shares First Wonder Woman Movie Poster at SDCC 2016






So, what do you think? The word that pops into my tiny, molten pea-brain is “majestic.” Is that too 70s Art-Rock for you? Well, that’s what describes this amazing poster. Now, is she in Hell (orange/red smoke), or standing upon the surface of Mars (because I’m sure she can fly there, AND breathe in space), preparing to meet with Ares? I mean, Mars is the Roman god of war, based completely on the Greek god of war, Ares, so….is she on Mars, during some time in deep pre-history where it had a capable atmosphere and brilliant, blue skies??

Anwway, does this increase your excitement for 2017’s Wonder Woman film? Having recently watched Batman V Superman: The Ultimate Edition, and currently bowing to the majesty of this poster….yeah, color me excited.

Based on the legendary character created by William M. Marston, Wonder Woman is Directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Jason Fuchs, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and Lisa Loven Kongsli. Wonder Woman hits theaters, Minotaurs, Centaurs and possibly Ares on June 2, 2017!