The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer: Tigers & Bats & Pigs, Oh MY!


To celebrate San Diego Comic-Con 2016, AMC just released The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer! No, sorry, it doesn’t identify the recipient of Negan’s bat-induced, cranial mashing, but it does show the enigmatic, Lucille-wielding leader of the Saviors in a few additional clips, conveying characteristic charisma masking a volatile killing streak. What else? First, take a gander at the trailer above, and then we’ll talk. LOOK UP! PRESS PLAY! ENJOY!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer: Pigs and Tigers & Bats, Oh MY!
I ride THIS over walkers!

With a confirmed air date of October 23rd, The Walking Dead Season 7 will further explore the “community” created by Negan and the Saviors, as well as the much larger world expanding the seemingly isolated one in our previously understood, Walking Dead universe, including other communities pursuing their own, unique versions of civilization.

One such community – taken straight from The Walking Dead comic series – is The Kingdom, led by King Ezekiel with his trusty….uh….Tiger, Shiva. Yep, King Ezekiel has a pet tiger, and if he didn’t have a pet tiger, Walking Dead fans would riot!

Now, things don’t get interesting until about 1:27, since the beginning of the trailer is a slow-crawl of phasing images detailing our favorite characters’ past exploits before staring down their potential end extending from the hand of Negan. Oh, and he’s reciting “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” the whole damn time while he floats the bat above a particular, potential victim, so….AHHHH!

After the slugging, it’s on to the new stuff, so just hang in there, or skip to about 1:27. Totally up to you.

So, are you ready for The Walking Dead Season 7? Are you ready for a bigger world, bigger stakes, and the identity of your favorite Walking Dead character who is now utterly headless?? GET READY!