BvS Damage Control: Henry Cavill Is No Longer Superman


In a recent interview with our friends at Entertainment Weekly, Batman V Superman executive producer Wesley Coller, along with director Zack Snyder, shocked fans with the announcement that actor Henry Cavill would no longer be playing Superman in any future DC films. This response came after a question regarding Superman’s critically loathed portrayal in the recently released, and heavily frowned-upon instigator of the new DC Cinematic Universe, Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice.

The interviewer’s question was innocent enough:

“It seems a lot of people had problems with the way Superman was handled in the film. He appeared sad, incognizant of his own actions and devoid of the characteristic, uplifting positivity that most attribute to Superman. In fact, having seen the film myself, I can honestly tell you he was just as angst-ridden as Batman. Are we ever going to see a happier, more effective, less self-scrutinizing Superman in future DC films? Guys, seriously. Will Superman ever smile again?” (laughs)

Zack Snyder’s response? Something completely unexpected (you’re going to want to read the whole thing).

“Superman is very difficult to write. He’s basically an unstoppable force with an impenetrable moral base. This is something that, to me, just isn’t dramatically engaging. It was very important that we show Superman’s physical weaknesses (kryptonite) as well as his psychological weaknesses.”

Snyder continued, “He needs these things, these limitations, to be more relatable. I realize this isn’t the ideal Superman, but Batman V Superman (the film) doesn’t inhabit an ideal world. A problem we had, sort of an ongoing debate, was getting Henry (Cavill) to properly express these conflicts, these chinks in Superman’s armor. Henry and I had a lot of discussions about Superman, about how he should behave and how he would react to a darker, more cynical world. Henry was all about the happier, more confident, inspiring Superman, but that just didn’t fit with the template we created. Most of his scenes burned up a good number of takes because his version of Superman just wasn’t aligning with ours. What we ended up with, his scenes that actually made it into the film, they suffer because of this misalignment. And when all was said and done, he wasn’t happy with his performance, and we weren’t happy, so both parties left the table knowing that a new Superman was needed.”

This is completely unbelievable. I mean, yes, I wasn’t happy how they handled Superman, but I really thought Cavill would be allowed to open up in future films. Well, I guess…

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  1. Zack Snyder wants to get rid of Old Henry because he was lacking, nice that they want to shift the blame on the actor for a poor movie they wrote, made and directed. Henry was not the movies biggest problems it was how Snyder wrote it and directed it and made a very sad, very dark Universe, the article already stated Snyder said Henry wanted to play him happier but that was not what Snyder wanted so the movies failure is placed on the actor, nice job Zack…now if they got rid of you things just might get better.

  2. BS, Henry Cavil is Superman period. The man is tremendous eventually he will be replaced with a younger more virulent actor. But until that time Henry Cavil is the one and only Superman…

  3. I hate superhero movies and only watched the newer Superman movies because I loved Harry Cavill’s performance of the character. If they’re getting another Superman, I won’t be paying to see anymore of those movies. I think the makers of the series are just plan stupid!

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