Kevin Smith Announces Mallrats 2 Location

Will Mallrats 2 have pretzels...and Michael Rooker?

Taking to Facebook, legendary nerd-director Kevin Smith has just announced that he hasĀ found hisĀ coveted mall location for Mallrats 2! How will the story pick up? Will we see the entire original cast return? Jason Lee? Shannen Doherty? Jeremy London? Claire Forlani? Ben Affleck, and the back of a Volkswagen? Jason Mewes? Michael Rooker? Oh, please…please…have Michael Rooker!

Mallrats 2
Filming at the Exton Mall? That’s only a small jaunt down the road!

It looks like Kevin Smith has selected the Exton Mall as his filming location, which is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Geez, that’s only one county over so maybe us here at will go down and try to be extras! I would love to take a swing on LaFours with a sock full of quarters. It makes sense considering the Exton Mall’s relative proximity to New Jersey and the director’s penchant for his home state. Are you excited about this news and do you look forward to the continuing adventures of Brodi and his Crew? I always thought that epilogue did the original Mallrats justice but I guess that late-night gig didn’t work out for Jason Lee. Actually, I want to know how long it took that guy to see that sailboat!

Magic Eye Sailboat
It is actually a sailboat. Seriously.