Transformers 5 Story Spoilers

Transformers 5 Spoilers

You knew it was coming…the last one made 1.5 billion dollars and had Mark Wahlberg thinking he ‘found a Transformah’. It was three┬áhours of glorious robot carnage…and it looks like we are about to get another installment of Michael Bay’s robot disaster porn sometime in 2017! Hooray for Transformers 5!

Transformers 4 lead to Transformers 5!
Mark Wahlberg wants to know spoilers!

Speaking at the United Kindgom’s Wings and Wheels Convention, Mark Ryan let slip some details regarding the upcoming plotline of Transformers 5. Mark Ryan, who voiced Jetfire and Lockdown, stated that there will be two concurrent plotlines, one focusing on Mark Wahlberg and the other featuring Optimus Prime! Apparently, the first plotline with Mark Wahlberg will involve him teaming up with the Dinobots and defending the Earth from yet another new threat while Optimus Prime launches off on a space-spirit-journey in order to find the Quintessons, the creators of both the Autobots and Decepticons. So with two different plotlines going on are we going to get a 5 hour long opus from Michael Bay? As long as there is plenty of ‘doom-horn’ we should be fine. You know what I’m talking about.

What do you think of this recent news? I’m thinking that the Quintessons, following their example from the show, will most likely be evil and probably the threat that Marky Mark and the Dinobots (that sounds like a great band name) will end up fighting off. Sure, Michael Bay might want to go the two plotline route but we all know it will culminate in a massive, sprawling CGI battle that will numb the senses and stagger the soul…though that’s probably just from the surround sound.