New Super Bowl 50 Deadpool Trailer


Are you ready for some DEADPOOL? I hope you read that in a Madden voice…do people still do that impression? Sure, why not! The above trailer is the brand spanking new Super Bowl 50 Deadpool trailer! If you have been living under a rock, or in a technological black hole, or if you’ve been stuck in a quantum superposition that pushes you in and out of reality (you have a Netflix account), Deadpool comes out next week and their marketing campaign has been nothing short of ravenous. Just watch the above Super Bowl 50 Deadpool trailer! Yeah…that movie might be a little nuts. Just a little!

Deadpool was originally created as a simple parody of the DC Comics’ character Deathstroke but the character has grown to be so much more! Wade Wilson was a highly skilled mercenary that was granted an imperfect healing factor courtesy of Wolverine and the always ominous ‘Weapon plus’ programs. Was it Weapon X? Weapon Plus? Weapon Insanity? Whatever origin you want to go with (just not Wolverine: Origins), Deadpool has become a huge character in popular culture and his movie is highly anticipated. Movie tracking has Deadpool placing in the number 1 spot over the Valentine’s Day weekend and after watching the Super Bowl 50 Deadpool trailer it makes sense!