It’s Official: The Next DC Animated Film is Justice League Dark

It's Official: The Next DC Animated Film is Justice League Dark

The BBFC (the British Board of Film Classifications) just provided some very insightful information regarding the home video release of a certain, highly anticipated, animated and rated-R iteration of Batman: The Killing Joke. Apparently, one of the special features accompanying the release of The Killing Joke is titled thusly: BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE – A SNEAK PEAK AT JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK [Additional Material]. Well, I guess that confirms it; the next DC Animated film is Justice League Dark.

Wait, what in the hell is Justice League Dark? Well, they were a “team” (more like a disgruntled group) of mystically sensitive, magic-wielding, supernaturally manufactured sorcerer-people from all corners of the DC Universe coming together to battle publicly unrealized, magical threats. This team book kicked off during DC’s New 52 initiative and included a few of the following unscrupulous – but begrudgingly helpful – DC super-wizards:

John Constantine- Yeah, he’s about 60% con man and 40% magic user and rarely altruistic, but he realizes that evil can sometimes overstep.

Swamp Thing- He’s an infinitely powerful avatar of plant life.

Frankenstein– Yes, the creation of Viktor Frankenstein. He’s an immortal warrior with ties to a secret agency known as Shade. He’s very noble, and very capable.

Zatanna- The unbelievably powerful stage magician with an ability to warp reality in cryptic utterances of backwards-speak. If she screams, “ECAF EHT NI FLESRUOY HCNUP” you’ll continue to do so until unconscious.

Madame Xanadu- A mystic and a fortune teller. She was actually responsible for bringing the team together.

Deadman– The ghost of a murdered acrobat who can possess the living. Look, he does it with the best of intentions.

Other members included Andrew Bennett, Black Orchid, Dr. Mist, Mindwarp, Nightmare Nurse, Pandora, The Phantom Stranger, Shade the Changing Man and Zauriel. Yup.

DC is debuting Batman: The Killing Joke on July 22 at the San Diego Comic Convention. They were probably going to make an announcement regarding DC’s newest animated film there, but they may have forgotten to be assertive with the BBFC.

So…what do you think of an animated Justice League Dark?