Promo Art for Civil War Shows Black Panther and War Machine

Iron Man's Civil War Side

Sometimes, the internet just happens to be super nice to us all. I know it’s rare, but we’ve managed to get our hands on some new promotional art showing off two characters from Captain America: Civil War, and that’s Black Panther and War Machine! Hey, you know those guys were going to show up; they were alluding to Black Panther in Age of Ultron and War Machine is Iron Man’s best buddy so…yeah! We all knew how that was going to go down!

War Machine

Oh wow, I guess War Machine has received a rather significant upgrade! Now, it could just be the nature of the promotional art but he certainly looks a lot more ’rounded’ and aerodynamic. Heck, even the guns look nice and smooth. Did Iron Man give him those upgrades or are they courtesy of good ol’ Uncle Sam?

Black Panther

Black Panther retains his trademark ‘pounce’ stance. There is probably some catnip or somebody with a laser pointer off screen. I kid, I kid! T’Chala is looking pretty sweet, isn’t he? We all hope that they do that character justice here at SuperheroStuff…he has quite a few fans here that’s for sure. If we keep getting leaked photos like this we are just going to lose it. Heck, I think one of our buying department people already has…