Ranking the Avengers in Civil War from 10 to 1!

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 10 to 1!

Hold onto your britches everybody; we are less than one month away from Captain America: Civil War. Avenger will fight Avenger in an epic showdown… the likes we’ve never seen before (unless you read the comic). So now we need to know… who really has the edge in this battle on the big screen? Well in order to get an idea, you need to understand who is involved in this cinematic battle royal. The best way to do this is by ranking the Avengers based on their power, abilities, perspective, and indomitable will!

Now, before you get going… remember, this is just a list of The Avengers who will be making an appearance in Civil War. So, with all due respect to Thor and Hulk… you’re off the list. Also, this list will be based on an Avenger’s past work within the MCU. We’re not delving into their comic resume here. So let’s get going with the Avengers: Civil War Top Ten Rankings!

Honorable Mention: Spider-man (Peter Parker)

Ranking The Avengers In Civil War
Welcome to the MCU!

There’s just not enough on his resume yet. Sure, we saw him do a sweet backflip in his new tech-powered Spider-suit, but it’s not enough to warrant a spot on this list. Sorry Spidey.

So let the true list begin with…

10. Falcon (Sam Wilson)

Ranking The Avengers In Civil War
You talkin’ to me?

Swaggy Sam is what Falcon should be called. Since he first teamed with Captain America in Winter Soldier, Wilson was confident and suave. He needed little convincing to assist Steve Rogers in going after the Hydra-infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. So why so low? Remember when he took on the Winter Soldier? He lost a wing. Then, when he fought Ant-Man… KO’d. Until we actually see Falcon win a fight against another Avenger… he can’t be any higher on this list.

Pros: Enough swagger to make Kanye blush.
Cons: Not a great win/loss record.

9. Vision

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
An untapped, soft-spoken powerhouse!

The mixed cocktail of Ultron and Jarvis, Vision seems to have all the power a super-human… or android… could ask for. He also has a soft spot for humankind (in particular Scarlet Witch). There is something that could hold him back: moral ambiguity. Sure, Vision could destroy everyone in sight, but he seems conflicted in making those decisions (remember he did sympathize for Ultron). That could lead to Vision freezing in the big moment. Tough to put someone higher, when you’re unsure if they can pull the trigger.

Pros: Unlimited power thanks to an Infinity Stone.
Cons: Probably won’t even use that power.

8. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
So much potential….

Speaking of unlimited power, we don’t even know the potential of Wanda Maximoff. She can manipulate people. Control their actions. Heck, she can even harness her power to destroy anything around her. There seems to be little that can stand in her way… except herself. Thanks to a childhood that included befriending a Stark-branded warhead, Scarlet Witch doesn’t seem to be the most stable-minded. Throw in the fact that her brother died in the Avengers’ last outing, and she might become full-blown bat-sh*t crazy by the time Civil War begins.

Pros: Hasn’t reached her power potential yet.
Cons: Full-blown case of the cray-cray’s.

7. War Machine (James Rhodes)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
Waiting for orders!

Military background… check. One man wrecking crew… double check. War Machine has everything you want in a hero. He bailed out his BFF Tony Stark when Whiplash created a group of deadly drones. He also had no problems assisting the Avengers when they needed help saving the civilians of Sokovia. He’s brave and will put his life on the line if needed (and it might be in Civil War). So what’s the issue? War Machine always needs orders. When the Iron Patriot suit went rogue, he could do nothing. Like a great soldier, he follows his commanders… which in this case is Stark. That may not be the smartest decision.

Pros: The suit literally has guns coming out of the wazoo.
Cons: Takes too many orders from Stark… not always a smart move.

6. The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
Good today, bad tomorrow!

From a good soldier, to a bad one… we have The Winter Soldier. He not only follows orders, he’s programmed to. That has included taking out Howard Stark and Nick Fury. He almost did the same with Rogers, before changing his mind. We now see him going up against Black Panthers and Agent 13, so we still don’t know if he’s friend or foe. Still, if Cap can vouch for him, you know he has a spot on this list.

Pros: Can go toe-to-toe with anyone on this list.
Cons: What side he’s truly on remains a mystery.

5. Black Panther (T’Challa)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
We’re not quite sure….

You got me. I’m breaking my own rules with this list. Outside of a few trailers, we have yet to see T’Challa do anything in the MCU. Still, when you break down what he does do… you’ll see why he grabs the five spot. Those trailers not only showed Black Panther run down The Winter Soldier (who was on a freaking motorcycle), but they also showed him -during a rooftop brawl – take a barrage of bullets only to stare down the helicopter firing them. The man is going to be a major player in Civil War, and if those trailers are any indication of what’s to come, there’s going to be quite a few Avengers left in his wake.

Pros: He laughs at your puny guns.
Cons: Still an enigma within the MCU.

4. Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

A newcomer to the group, Scott Lang will fit in perfectly as Cap’s new tech guy. He could also be the best team-player on the list. We saw his team-up with Hawkeye, by hitching a ride on one of his arrows. Not to mention, he took down Pym Tech by running with a rag-tag group of degenerates. Imagine what he could do as a part of the Avengers? There’s no project too small (or too big? some might say giant!) for Scott Lang. Seeing how he already took out an Avenger (seriously Falcon?) while he was training, Lang will only become more powerful as he develops a relationship with his shrinking suit.

Pros: So cool he appeared in a coke commercial with Hulk.
Cons: Beating Falcon is nothing to brag about. Don’t get cocky, kid.

3 (Tie) Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)/ Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
Together we’re amazing!

So you’re probably wondering how two spies are ranked amongst androids, witches and unfrozen psychotic soldiers? It’s simple, Natasha and Clint should be dead by now (many assumed Barton would be), but they keep on ticking. They shouldn’t have taken down the Chitauri, stood up against Ultron, or even hung around with the Avengers, but they did. They did all this without the use of super-powers, or a fancy suit. Sometimes all you need is a chutzpah. Black Widow and Hawkeye have loads of it.

Pros:Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”
Cons: No powers, no suit… easy target.

2. Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Ranking the Avengers In Civil War From 1 to 10!
Respect the narcissistic keystone of the MCU!

He’s the Godfather of the MCU. Tony Stark started us on this path… and by God he’s determined to end it. He’s rocked more suits than Don Draper and he just seems to keep turning out more (what are we at, Mark 50?). With seemingly unending wealth and a penchant for developing dangerous, deadly tech, Stark is capable of taking out an Avenger (even if he doesn’t mean to). The truth is… everything Stark seems to build, nearly kills him. He started The Avengers… so maybe it’s fitting it ends him.

Pros: Even without the suit he’s a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Cons: He will eventually create the thing that kills him.

1. Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Was this list going to end any other way? He’ll give you the shield off his back, and will defend his friend no matter how many people he killed. Steve Rogers doesn’t know the meaning of the word defeat. Captain America will bleed, scratch and claw his way to make sure evil is vanquished. Finally, just when you think you got Cap down, he gets right back up. Remember, he can do this all day.

Pros: The embodiment of truth, justice and the American way.
Cons: Will sacrifice himself for the cause. Please, PLEASE don’t sacrifice yourself, cap!

So what do you think? Agree with the list, or think you could put together a better one? Let us know who you think is the top ranked Avenger. (It better be Cap!)