Real Life Boba Fett Armor

Real Life Boba Fett

Lock and load! They always ask, ‘Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?’ I don’t know if that question is answered today but it still serves a great way to introduce this set of real life Boba Fett armor! I guess I should be more specific and use the term ‘Mandalorian’ lest I earn the wrath of a clan of intergalactic egalitarian space vikings. Teaming up with the likes of Heckler & Koch, SOG Knives & Tools, SureFire LLC, Team Wendy, Armasight Inc., TEA Headsets, Wilcox Industries Corp, and Metalhead Photography, AR500 Armor has created their very own set of real life Boba Fett armor! Unfortunately, I don’t think it comes with a jet-pack. Probably still working on that would be my guess.

Galac-Tac Armor
No spawn camping!

Certainly makes bounty hunting a much more of a lucrative occupation, doesn’t it? The Galac-Tac Armor takes style cues from the Mandalorians, the faction in Star Wars that gave the Jedi what-fer and is best known as the clan in which Jango and Boba belong. On the bright side of things, you should hopefully be able to survive inside of a Sarlacc Pit long enough to crawl out and get your own spin-off movie and/or video game. Hopefully. Now go get those Jedi Scum…and let’s see the First Order take your blaster from your cold, dead hands!

Galac-Tac Armor
Which way to the gun show?