Sony Pictures’ Venom Movie Is Back On!

Venom movie is back on!

Recently, and very unexpectedly, Sony Pictures announced their plans to bring Venom to the big screen in his very first cinematic solo outing! However, according to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter, Sony’s once-defunct but reinvigorated Venom film won’t be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor will it share any continuity with the forthcoming, Tom Holland-helmed Spider-Man flick hitting in 2017. Ugh. Way to take 2 steps back, Sony. Anyway, yes, Sony Pictures’ Venom movie is back on, and as previously mentioned, this was an unexpected announcement. For years, Sony pictures attempted to bring the form-fitting alien symbiote’s solo adventures to the big screen after its (kind of sloppy and slipshod) introduction in 2007’s Spider-Man 3; unfortunately, each attempted iteration failed to gain traction.

You remember Venom, right? The alien, amorphous, parasitic and fashion-conscious entity that Spider-Man happened upon in the now-classic series, Marvel’s Secret Wars (1984-1985)? Right, that Venom. After the events of Marvel’s Secret Wars, Peter brought it back with him to Earth. Over time, the once-helpful symbiote – sheathing Peter in an AWESOME new costume and magnifying his already considerable Spider-powers – became waaaaay too needy and sought to overtake and control Peter. With the help of the FF (remember them??), Peter was able to sever the deeply-rooted symbiosis and go about his business.

Later, a crazy-jealous, “wrongfully” rejected symbiote merged with Daily Bugle Photographer Eddie Brock in order to exact vengeance on the source of said rejection, thus beginning the classic Spider-Man/Venom feud that carried on for quite some time.

And before you call me out on it, yes, I’m aware the symbiote made its first official appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #252, which actually came out a few months before Marvel’s Secret Wars #8, but took place after the events of Marvel’s Secret Wars #8.


Now, before I leave you, here’s a bit more about the actual film:

Producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are busy developing the property with Dante Harper hard at work on a screenplay. Harper previously contributed the script to Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow.

Are you excited about Venom’s return to the big screen? Jaded? Disgusted? Indifferent?

And just who in the hell should don the soul-sucking, symbiotic threads in the forthcoming film? Topher Grace (again)? Hulk Hogan? Basil Fawlty?? Let us know below!