It’s a Stop-Motion Puppet TV Spot for Deadpool on Blu-Ray


Hey! Deadpool (the movie) comes out today on Blu-Ray (YAY!) and standard DVD (what the F**K is that??)!!! To celebrate, Adult Swim released a stop-motion puppet TV Spot for Deadpool on Blu-Ray and standard DVD. What’s on this particular stop-motion puppet TV Spot for Deadpool on Blu-Ray and standard DVD? Why, it features Deadpool sprawled upon a floating air mattress, lazily accepting his cue from stop-motion MC Stan Lee who proclaims, “Hey, we need someone to die up in this pool. Make it a Deadpool.”

And then we’re off! Deadpool makes a comparison to Tolstoy’s War and Peace; apparently, the Deadpool film took longer to produce than an illustrious, legendary work of world literature.

“It took Tolstoy six years to write War and Peace. It took us eleven years to make Deadpool. Now I’m no mathematician, but I think that makes us twice as good as War and Peace.”

And of course, this was the perfect segue for touting his wares.

“Now you can own a piece of me, ’cause Deadpool is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.”

And then some stop-motion puppet jerk-face stepped up with a hearty, “S’up!” Deadpool, considering him a Wolverine fan, threw several copies of Deadpool on Blu-Ray (and standard DVD) towards the unappreciative chowder sack, severely capping any additional, intelligence-choking stupid-talk. And yes, said chowder sack’s limp, puppet-body corpse fell into a pool, and yes, because he was dead – and now in a pool – Deadpool took the opportunity to drop an obtrusive quip. Thanks, Deadpool!

Deadpool stars Deadpool…and that’s as far as I’m going. Read the back of the Blu-Ray box if you’re looking for cast, credits, run-times, and one or two very biased, potentially fake, excerpted reviews.