Tarantino Movies Share the Same Universe


It’s about time Quentin Tarantino finally admits that all of his movies share the same universe. From his first original neo-noir crime thriller Reservoir Dogs to his most recent release of The Hateful Eight, Tarantino fans have questioned whether or not his films all shared the same universe. In an interview with The Project, Tarantino confirmed the existence of a universe in which all of his films exist. He explained it as two different worlds: the “real” and the “realer than real.”

Quentin Tarantino film: Pulp Fiction
Jimmy from Pulp Fiction

Tarantino further explained, “There is actually two separate universes… There is the realer than real universe, and all the characters inhabit that one. But then there’s this movie universe. So From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill, they all take place in this special movie universe. So when all the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies, Kill Bill is what they go to see. From Dusk Till Dawn is what they see.”

There has always been some thought that the characters in his specific films are related as well. Tarantino has always hinted at the relationship of Pulp Fiction‘s Vincent Vega and Reservoir Dogs‘ Vic Vega. He recently confirmed that the two are, in fact, brothers in his movie universe.

Quentin Tarantino
John Travolta as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

Other movies show parallels such as Lee Donowitz from True Romance and Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz from the Inglorious Basterds. Alabama from True Romance is mentioned in Reservoir Dogs. In his most recent film, The Hateful Eight, there is a character named Pete Hicox and there is speculation that Lt. Archie Hicox from Inglorious Basterds is related to him.

We will have to see how all of the relationships play out as Tarantino starts to write and make more movies.