Thanos’ Big Introduction in Infinity War


One might suspect that the first full scene appearance of Marvel’s ultimate big bad, Thanos, might be a little crazy. Sure, we’ve seen him as parts of end-credit scenes or briefly speaking to Loki or Ronan, but what will happen when Thanos finally meets the likes of the Avengers and the combined might of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? One of the writers for Infinity War, Christopher Markus, said this regarding Thanos’ big introduction, “We don’t get an element of surprise. Everyone knows he’s coming, and yet he hasn’t had terribly many scenes that have illuminated very much about him. You can count on a lot of scenes where we illuminate a lot about him very early.” Well that’s reassuring that they’ll be speeding up the process of character introduction but hopefully that gives them time to really flesh him out.

Another writer for Infinity War, Stephen McFeely, added, “The challenge is hanging on to character as motivation when you blow the canvas up to the entire universe. And not to make it seem like all your people look like tiny little video game characters running around.” Christopher Markus then replied, “It’s just trying to balance character moments in the middle of big, crazy Jim Starlin [‘Thanos’ creator] action.” At least it sounds like they have a clear objective in their presentation of Marvel’s Mad Titan! Infinity War Part 1 opens up May 4th, 2018.