Wade Wilson Awkwardly Pops the Question


The most romantic thing that has ever been said to me? hmmm, probably doesn’t compare to, “your crazy matches my crazy.” This clip is coming out just in time for people to start thinking about Valentine’s Day plans. I may have a tip for all of the guys out there.  First, don’t propose with a ring pop and second, make sure that you are both on the same page. This Deadpool movie clip is probably the watered down. I am sure that when we watch the film, this scene will be much more vulgar and definitely on the NSFW side of things. What else would we expect from Deadpool? One of the only things bothering me is: Where did he get the ring pop from? On second thought, i would prefer if I didn’t know.

Along with the video, Deadpool also released a couple of X-Files parody pictures to go along with Fox Network’s X-Files TV show rebirth.

Wade Wilson has also been busy keeping his Instagram account up to date. It seems as though Wade has a thing for Ryan Reynolds…. awkward.


Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa Carlysle comes out February 12 in a theater near you. Just remember, make sure you wear the brown pants.