What We’d Like to See in the Batgirl Movie


Now that Joss Whedon is out of directing the supposedly upcoming Batgirl movie, fans and critics alike have surfaced to voice both their protests and support regarding the Avengers director. While Joss Whedon has had success from cult favorites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, he’s received some backlash recently because some critics believe he cannot handle female trauma very well (hint: the uproar that Scarlet Witch’s infertility caused).

Whoever the next director may be, here are just some of the things we desperately want to see in the Batgirl movie.

  1. NOT The Killing Joke

The character has been surrounded by controversy since forever, and the whole sexualization thing only cemented itself further in the best-selling The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. While the 1988 comic is a masterpiece in its portrayal of psychological issues, it definitely doesn’t portray Barbara Gordon in a very empowering light.

In this pivotal storyline, the Joker shoots Barbara — effectively paralyzing her from the waist down — and then strips her naked to take pictures of her. Some readers go so far as to assume that she was raped here—all to drive Commissioner Gordon insane. While some fans have said that this literally crippling moment helped define her since she overcame the tragedy to become the invaluable Oracle, the animated movie once again ruined the whole thing by adding a scene where Batgirl and Batman actually have icky rooftop sex.

If the DCEU is ever going to portray Barbara Gordon right in its Batgirl movie, then The Killing Joke should NEVER be its main source.

  1. An Honest Batgirl Movie Origin

Perfect for this kind of origin story, Batgirl: Year One (2003) written by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon will probably be the best bet for accurately conveying Barbara’s beginnings. For one thing, the comic book focuses on how she rises above various instances of sexism (being turned down from law enforcement and the FBI) to carve her own path as a crime fighter.

She demonstrates bravery, loyalty, intelligence, and just the right amount of stubbornness to truly come out as an empowered woman. And in this post-Gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman era, that’s something Hollywood really can’t do without.

  1. Tough but Endearing Father-Daughter Moments

Just like in Batgirl #19-25’s “Wanted,” we’d really love to see Commissioner Gordon’s sometimes strained relationship with his only daughter play out. The Gordon family dynamic has always been an interesting one, not only because it has both similarities and contrasts to the Bat-family itself, but because we get to see more of how Barbara Gordon is as a civilian dealing with her troublesome family life.

  1. Light-Hearted Gal-Pal Moments, Too

Batgirl of Burnside by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart (with art by Babs Tarr) did a wonderful job of portraying the lighter side of Barbara Gordon’s life, proving to everyone that just because she’s part of the Bat-family doesn’t mean the Batgirl movie has to be about all the gloom-and-doom. She’s no Batman, so sulking in rooftops doesn’t always come with the cowl.

In this story, she moves to the hipster town of Burnside, where she embarks on a series of light-hearted adventures as a breath of fresh air—because we all know that the DCEU is in badly need of a ray of sunshine every now and then.

  1. Babs and Dick forever

These two have been locked in a frustrating will-they-won’t-they dance since the world began, and fans everywhere have been clamoring to see this couple get together for decades. Dick Grayson has been known to leave behind a string of broken hearts everywhere he goes, but is it really too much to ask for him to finally settle down and be with Barbara for good? There’s no doubt that the Batgirl movie has to have a little love in there, and I honestly can’t think of a better guy for Babs than Nightwing himself. Why can’t these two just get along?

What do YOU think the Batgirl movie should have? Who do you think should direct the film, and what are your ideas and speculations on casting? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!