Who Should Turn up in Spider-Man Homecoming 2? [10 Suggestions]

Who Should Turn up in Spider-Man Homecoming 2? [10 Suggestions]

We are counting down to the official release of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe-based Spider-Man movie. The anticipation and excitement can’t be overstated. This is going to become one of the highest grossing movies of the year and will hopefully meet all expectations fans are going to have for the webslinger.

But who cares about that? Instead, let’s do what we always do and gaze into our crystal balls and delve into the future. We already know Marvel Studios is prepping for Homecoming 2, which will kick off Phase 4 (if Phases even remain in the MCU). The follow-up will hit theaters in July 2019… which is only two years away!!! Sure, the movie will feature the fallout from Infinity War and that Untitled Avengers 4 movie… but that’s beside the point.

All that should matter is who else from the Spidey-verse will turn up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

I’m not talking about other Avengers, either. There will always be the rumors around Ant-Man or Captain America or even someone like Daredevil dropping by to help your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. However, I’m talking about the characters not under the MCU umbrella.

Sony has the rights to all Spider-Man specific characters and while the agreement between Marvel and Sony has allowed Aunt May and Vulture to pop up in The MCU, others remain in limbo. Sony is already going full steam ahead with their own spin-off universe — which as of now is separate from Marvel’s realm — so the future of many of Peter Parkers allies and antagonists are unknown.

So, this will be wishful thinking, but let’s put together a list of some of the Spider-Man Universe characters that should get the chance to appear in The Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  1. J. Jonah Jameson

j jonah jameson
Who else will come up with all of the villain names?

Will Peter Parker remain in high school for his entire MCU appearance? If not, then Parker is going to need a job. Enter Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson. One of the most iconic characters from Spider-Man’s world, Jameson will do two things for a Homecoming sequel.

First, he’ll add some comic relief. Second, he’ll ground Peter Parker as a relatable character. Spider-Man is going to be battling Avengers and aliens; it would be great to see him be humbled by a boss despite having his powers. Replacing the amazing performance by J.K. Simmons would be nearly impossible, but there are other actors (cough*Alec Baldwin*cough) who could put their own spin on the character.

  1. Doc Ock

doc ock
Come on. Spider-Man doesn’t even have eight limbs. Is he really a spider?

We’re dealing with the same problem we had with Jameson. Alfred Molina gave an amazing performance as Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 2 (arguably the greatest superhero movie ever). However, the role of Doctor Octopus is a hard one to keep on the sidelines. One of Spider-Man’s oldest enemies, Doc Ock could be the evolved version of The Tinkerer (set to appear in Homecoming) as the genius inventor who is looking to take down Spidey.

If Marvel Studios has any gusto, they should try to plan for a Sinister Six team-up in an eventual third Homecoming movie and get the ball rolling by bringing Octavius into the sequel.


  1. Venom

Just pull the trigger and bring him into both Sony and Marvel’s Universe.

Unlike Jameson and Doc Ock, people are happy the role of Eddie Brock/Venom has been ripped from Topher Grace and handed to Tom Hardy. It’s like trading in your Kia for a Porsche. However, there is a new obstacle that needs to be overcome if Venom is to show up in The MCU.

Sony is already making that movie, and despite the information Sony Pictures’ President Amy Pascal let slip regarding the character’s existence is in The MCU, everything regarding Venom and Spider-Man showing up has been redacted. Perhaps talks will reengage following Homecoming’s massive cash haul and both sides can figure out how to bring Hardy and Venom on board. Fingers are crossed, but there’s a lot of dominoes that need to fall before that can become a reality.

  1. Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn
He’s the Joker to Spider-Man’s Batman… He’s needed!

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think you can have a Spider-Man movie without including his greatest foe, Norman Osborn. Willem Dafoe nailed the role in the original Spider-Man movie, Chris Cooper died before he got his chance, and now it should be someone else’s turn to ride the green hang glider and toss around some exploding pumpkins.

Bringing Norman onboard does provide another future villain for Spider-Man; it opens the door for Peter Parker to encounter future friend Harry (unless he has a previously undisclosed appearance in Homecoming). Plus, if a Sinister Six collaboration is on the horizon, a billionaire like Osborn is the perfect choice to bring them all together.

  1. Gwen Stacy

Come on… you really don’t want to see Spider-Gwen in the MCU, do you?

Believe it or not, we’ve already had two versions of Gwen Stacy on the big screen.  Everyone surely remembers Emma Stone’s performance in the Amazing duo of films (which she was terrific in, by the way.) What you may have forgotten is that Bryce Dallas Howard originally played the role in Spider-Man 3 (in a completely forgettable role).

While getting three Gwen Stacy’s seems like overkill, it will work if you allow the character to do something completely different, like…becoming Spider-Gwen! If Kevin Feige could pull off getting Gewn Stacy in The MCU… he shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to transform her into her hooded crime fighting alter ego.  The spin-off possibilities are endless… and it would allow you to have a hero with Spider-Man’s powers in a future Avengers movie… without having Peter Parker attached.

Wait? What am I doing? These are all characters we’ve seen before! With an organized list of characters worthy of its own Dewey Decimal System, why should fans of Spider-Man be happy with seeing the same ol’ characters reappear again and again? Even Tom Holland agrees with that sentiment during a discussion with Cinemablend.

“I agree with Amy [Pascal]. I think Spider-Man is a character that has so many rich villains. We should be exploring people that we haven’t seen before, rather than people we have seen in the past.”

So, let’s restart this list. However, this time, let’s bring in five characters who’ve yet to appear on the big screen.


  1. Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the hunter
Because you should always try to bring The Last Hunt to the big screen.

Of all the villains that deserve their moment in the sun, Sergei Kravinoff should be at the top of the list. Someone who is hell bent on tracking down and hunting Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter doesn’t do it for revenge or fame… it’s all about the thrill of the hunt.

He’s also a character that could easily be adapted to fit the current MCU format. Have him be a survivor of the Winter Soldier program from the USSR. However, instead of being a mercenary like Bucky Barnes, he was sent on his own to hunt some big game. Then, once he took down every animal, he turned his attention to the giant bug in New York City. It ties him into the MCU while keeping his comic core intact. That’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. Mysterio

Bruce Campbell should still be up to play Mysterio, right?

Kraven doesn’t cut it for you? Well how about another classic Spider-Man villain like the Hollywood stunt man turned evildoer Quentin Beck! He almost made the cut in the proposed Spider-Man 4 before Sony Pictures dumped Sam Rami and rebooted the whole franchise (and he was supposed to be played by Bruce Campbell).

Sadly, it never came to fruition and Beck was placed on the back burner. However, now would be the perfect time to bring in the dome head to The MCU. He’s a weird looking character that could use the Marvel Studios grounded makeover. Not all villains need to be super-powered or crazed. Sometimes a failed actor turned criminal is all you need to tell a good story.


  1. Scarlet Spider

scarlet spider
What’s better than one Spider-Man? TWO!

If there’s one thing Marvel loves to do, it’s to put characters against villains that have similar powers. Iron Man vs. Iron Monger/Whiplash. Captain America vs. Red Skull/Bucky Barnes. Ant-Man vs Yellow Jacket. The list goes on. So, why not bring someone on board that is a literal clone of Peter Parker!

Ben Reilly was a clone of Spider-Man created by The Jackal (Miles Warren). After being defeated by his original doppelganger, Reilly rebranded himself as The Scarlet Spider. Tom Holland did mention that he would be down to bring the Spider-Man Clone Saga to life.  There’s also rumblings that Miles Warren’s wife could be in Homecoming. The stars are aligning for a Ben Reilly appearance with a future showdown between Spider-Man and The Scarlet Spider.

  1. Spider-Woman

Spider Woman
Who says women can’t be webslingers?

Jessica Drew will be on the big screen eventually. Should it be as part of the Sony Spidey-verse, or part of The MCU, it will be impossible to keep her away from the limelight. Given her powers by injecting spider’s blood to battle her exposure to uranium, her backstory is already different from Peter Parker’s.

Also, her history with HYDRA (who she was captured by as a youngster) means you could reintroduce the covert agency in Phase 4 by having their spider-powered human combat the Avengers’ spider-powered human. Again, Marvel loves their villains having powers like their villains.

  1. Mister Negative

mister negative
That color scheme would be perfect for a big-time movie!

We’re going to end this list with one of the newest additions to the Spider-Man Universe.  Mister Negative made his first appearance in 2007. Ten years later, his popularity has grown.

Martin “Mister Negative” Lee is the Kingpin of Chinatown crime. He’s even going to be a major antagonist in next year’s highly anticipated Spider-Man video game. His popularity is on the rise and Marvel Studios would be smart to make him a formidable foe for Spidey in future movie installments.

Did I mention that his skin color is inverted, giving him an awesome look? Plus, with a background fighting crime in Chinatown, the door is opened for cameos from the collection of Marvel Netflix heroes. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and even Daredevil could all be brought into the fold since their shows deal with similar New York-based crime syndicates. So, by bringing Mister Negative on board, you’re not just getting a great new villain, you’re opening the door to bring The Defenders into Spider-Man’s story.

So, what do you think of the list(s)? Are there any other new or old characters you want to see in future Homecoming movies?  Let us know in the comment section below!


  1. Add Spider-Woman in Captain Marvel but have her occasionally be in Sony films too. However Ignore Spider-Gwen as we alternative dimensions aren’t something the MCU should do yet, as it could in courage Sony to not make movies in the MCU. We need them relying on Marvel Studios and eventually selling to them, not thinking they can be bold and breakaway one day.

    Further Spider-Gwen is just Spider-Man with a hoody, same powers, similar story, and a character used before with a actress hard to surpass. Nothing really to see there. Spider-Woman (616 Jessica Drew) however has a crazy different story and unique powers, plus she has her own villains, yet can still do crossovers, and hasn’t been seen on screen yet.

    My ranking of desired future Female Spider characters: Jessica Drew 616 (New) > Mayday Parker (New, prefer her individually over Annie as Peter’s kid but Annie as a kid in the MCU might be more rewarding to see in phase 5 or 6 lol) > Mary Jane Watson Parker as Spinnet (seen before but badly portrayed then, so room to improve) & Anne Parker (Spiderling) > Silk (New) > Julia Carpenter (New) > Jessica Drew 1610 (New but just a clone with same powers as Silk but weaker) > Anya Corazon (New) > Spider-Gwen (seen before, recently, and well acted, further best done in alternate universe which shouldn’t be done) > Mattie Franklin (New)

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