Who Wants a $25,000 Lightsaber Pen?


I’m not quite sure what kind of status symbol a pen yields, but hey, with a price tag of $25,000 USD it has to say something! World-Class Pen Makers (they have those?) S. T. Dupont has released information that they will be releasing several extremely limited lightsaber pens in either Darth Vader or Yoda flavors. The catch? Well, besides the 25K price tag, there will only be 8 of them. Yes…eight for the entire world! I’m sure there will be a huge rush for twenty-five thousand dollar pens. Do you even use those things or do you keep them behind a laser grid and glass case which can only be reached by an incredibly lithe Mission Impossible Tom Cruise. Say, he probably has the spending money to drop on 25,000! Perhaps we should ask him? The above video shows off the pen and as you can see – the bloody thing levitates! That isn’t the Force though…that’s what those sciency-folk refer to as ‘magnets’. You might be familiar with that power as one used by Michael Fassbender/ Ian McKellen. Made from a combination of bronze with black lacquer with palladium and rhodium finishes. I’m not sure if that warrants that kind of money but hey, IT IS STAR WARS!