Win a Date with RDJ


That’s right folks! You can win a day with Iron Man/ Tony Stark/ Sherlock Holmes himself, Robert Downey Junior. How is this possible? Who is using the awesome power of Robert Downey Junior to mobilize the masses? None other than Omaze! You might be familiar with that name as that they’ve been recently teaming up with superheroes in order to reach a multitude of charities. Remember those Batman and Superman fundraisers a couple weeks back? Yeah…Omaze. This time though, they are offering a chance to win a date with RDJ! Hooray! How do you go about it? Well, check out that above video first to get the general gist of it…and to see RDJ in a giant bunny suit. That seems about right…makes you wonder if that bunny has repulsor technology…

As the description reads, “Robert Downey Jr. is launching a brand-new charitable foundation, and he wants you to be one of the founding members. To support the construction of Random Act Funding and enter to win an incredible experience with Robert in NYC, click here!

All donations of $10 or more help Robert and his wife Susan launch Random Act Funding, which distributes kindness in the form of financial support at local, national and global levels. Some of this year’s benefiting partners will include the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Make-A-Wish and Anti-Recidivism Coalition.” Well, that’s certainly nice of him! Makes you wonder if one might get a chance to be the third wheel for the ‘Science Bros‘.