Wonder Woman Trailer from SDCC


Behold the power! The above video is the Wonder Woman trailer from San Diego Comic Con. What might you expect to see in this fantastic Wonder Woman trailer? How about Gal Gadot whomping all sorts of ass. Shouldn’t be that big of a surprise considering she stole the scenes she was in during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Wonder Woman trailer also shows off a great deal of tone for the movie. It looks like the producers/writers/directors for DC and WB listened to the complaints regarding Batman V Superman. Why? Because it looks like there is a great deal more humor and there is a far amount more color.

Tell Chris Pine you aren't his secretary with this great shirt!
Tell Chris Pine you aren’t his secretary with this great shirt!

Another really cool aspect of the Wonder Woman trailer is that is really shows off the World War 1 setting. It seems that popular culture has exhausted the World War 2 genre so we we’ll get to see a return to trench warfare. Hey, if the Allies has Wonder Woman at the start of that thing we wouldn’t have had several years of stalemate combat! Oh, and 30 million people dead…but then again, that’s probably why Wonder Woman is ‘hiding’ during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Probably hard to explain to Paradise Island your mission was to bring peace to the world and 30,000,0000 dead is considered a ‘victory’. ‘Hey, it could’ve been worse!’

Wonder Woman brings peace to the world on June 2nd, 2017 and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Danny Huston, Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui, Elena Anaya and David Thewlis.