Just like how we’ve had some great moments in the comics themselves, we’ve also had some jaw-dropping, fanboy/fangirl-squeals-inducing, and nerd-gasmic scenes in superhero movies as well this year. Nothing makes a true fan gush more than seeing their caped idols in action on the big screen, so without further ado, here are the best superhero movie moments of 2017!

  1. The Flash discovers Superman’s speed.

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

Justice League may have had its ups and downs, but is has one of the best superhero movie moments of 2017. Barry is speeding along and seeing everything in slow motion when a newly resurrected Superman suddenly turns to him, making him realize that Clark can see him—actually effing SEE him—and it’s the first time Barry’s probably ever experienced that. Flash soon finds out the hard way that he just won’t be able to get the drop on the Man of Steel by zipping in and out like he normally does. The look on both their faces—the smug one on Clark’s and the utterly bewildered one on Barry’s—is just priceless.

  1. Lego Batman sings about himself in his own movie

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

What makes Lego Batman so darn fun is his ability to parody himself yet still come out totally badass after everything, and one of the best superhero movie moments of 2017 is definitely him singing a shameless tribute to himself as he smacks down supervillains all around him. Add that to Will Arnett’s unforgettably raspy voice and you’ve got gold. Lego Batman is, after all, a frustrated rock star musician (we’ve had snippets of his deep and highly cerebral lyrical compositions in The Lego Movie), so shouldn’t he be able to full-on belt out his own tunes in his own movie?

  1. The epic battle of Themyscira

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

Sure, Diana eating ice cream for the first time is adorable (and a fitting portrayal of her innocence and her bewilderment in Man’s World), but the Wonder Woman movie smashed through box offices mainly because of its kickass fight choreography, and when you talk about kicking butts, you can’t not talk about that beach battle in Paradise Island.

When German soldiers set foot on the shores of Themyscira and start raising hell, the fiercest Amazon warriors fight back with a fiery passion in a jaw-dropping spectacle that’s quite possibly the most awesome display of power and combat in a superhero movie ever. Who can forget Hippolyta and Antiope charging into battle with their intimidating war cries and flying arrows and acrobatic horse-stunts? I certainly can’t and won’t, and I have a feeling fans will be talking about this breathtaking scene for years and years to come.

  1. Thor: The god of thunder

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

We don’t see the mighty Thor hurling electric bolts of death and letting lightning rain down on his enemies that often, but in Thor: Ragnarok, he finally unleashes his full power—and all it took was for him to lose his hammer. It seems that the Odinson doesn’t need to keep relying too heavily on Mjolnir after all anymore, because when Hela taunts him like a schoolyard bully, he gets a vision of Odin, goes full “god of thunder”, and gets all electric-eyes before unleashing his true might. It’s one of the best superhero movie moments of 2017, and is enough to make any fan go “hell yeah!”

  1. Yondu sacrifices himself

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

The Guardians of the Galaxy may be better known for all the ridiculousness and the laughs that the heroes bring, but Vol. 2 was not without its heart-wrenching moments—and the most memorable one was when Yondu sacrifices himself for Peter Quill. The film successfully establishes that Michael Rooker’s Yondu is the sorta-real-not-real dad of Peter Quill, and when he flies in at the last minute to save Peter, he effectively sacrifices himself and gets a fireworks-laden intergalactic funeral. It certainly doesn’t help that the ending theme was Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son”. Darn it, here come the onion-cutting ninjas again…

  1. Spider-Man becomes a hero

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming was undoubtedly one of the best comic book movies this year, but it’s not just because it showed a different side of the Peter Parker we all know and love. It’s also because the movie paid homage to an iconic Spider-Man moment in the comics—and that is him lifting a pile of rubble over his head. You can clearly see in this scene how Spidey doesn’t believe he’s ready to become a superhero, but in this dark moment of desperation with no one else around to help him up, he finally owns it and successfully lifts the herculean weight, refusing to believe that all hope is lost. It’s in this raw, vulnerable, and truly inspiring moment that we see Peter Parker come into his own.

  1. Berserker Logan

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

Speaking of true character moments, Wolverine won’t be Wolverine if he doesn’t get a Berserker Rage moment—and he gets exactly that in Logan. As the mutant kids get hunted by Transigen toward the end, Logan decides to unleash his claws, and all hell breaks loose.

Laura herself does a whole lotta’ damage singlehandedly, but then Wolverine goes full berserker beginning with his vicious yell. He then proceeds to rid the place of all those pesky soldiers one by one, barraging and slicing through the lot of them like they’re pieces of meat. The bloody sequence is enough to make the movie go down in history as one of the most epic scenes ever, and it’s truly a fitting tribute to Hugh Jackman’s last run as the Wolverine.

  1. No Man’s Land

    Year-End Review: Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2017

Finally, we come to one of the best superhero movie moments of 2017 —and it’s no doubt the emotionally charged and highly inspiring scene of Diana charging through No Man’s Land in Wonder Woman. The atrocities that the German army are committing are simply far too much for Diana to take, and she decides she can’t just simply stand by the sidelines as these horrors happen. And, in one of the most goosebumps-worthy moments in film ever, she rises up in epic slo-mo and fully owns being Wonder Woman.

It’s here that the Amazon warrior princess truly becomes the superhero she is meant to be, as she enters the battlefield like a boss, deflecting bullets and raging through the desolate land as a shining beacon and an unapologetic force for good. That kickass Wonder Woman theme only adds to the nerd-gasmic tone of it all, and if this incredible scene doesn’t move you to tears, nothing will!

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