Charlie Cox Wants to Be in Infinity War


Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Jon Bernthal and Charlie Cox spoke about the next season of Daredevil. Of course, Bernthal plays newcomer Frank Castle AKA the Punisher while Charlie Cox plays Marvel’s Man Without Fear, Daredevil. However, when asked if we will be seeing Daredevil in Infinity War, Cox responded that he hasn’t heard anything from Marvel yet but that he was not only down for the role, but totally excited for it if it was in the cards!

“Yeah. That would be the coolest thing ever. Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are two very different things,” stated Charlie. “Even if the character were to appear in that film, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would appear in that film. I will pick a fight with the guy that they choose!… So that would be a dream, but that’s not something that has been discussed.” Come on, Charlie! You know if they are going to put Daredevil in Infinity War that you will definitely be in it. Let’s just hope that Marvel decides to go that route! Makes you wonder which version of the Punisher they would use, right? Hopefully it is the Dolph version! Yeah, Sewer-Punisher! Come to think of it, Infinity War is going to get awfully busy…