Two new promos for FX’s mutant-centric series, LEGION, with its tangential link to FOX’s filmic X-Men franchise, debuted 2 new video promos focusing on the young mutant’s madness…and his completely off-the-charts power levels. Anyway, check out these two new LEGION promos displaying Haller’s insanity, or his dangerous psychic influence!

Promo #1!

How does he feel? Better, obviously. I mean, the “treatment” has to be working, right? Either that, or the destructive psychic episodes rearranging the local infrastructure are blissfully cathartic.

Promo #2!

David Haller Is Either Insane or EXTREMELY Powerful in Two New LEGION Promos
I am my father’s son!

Someone is convinced Haller is one of the most powerful mutants ever encountered by said someone and his accompanying cabal of researchers and armed guards. Then, Aubrey Plaza’s character, real or imagined, lets Haller know that “they’re comin’ and they’re gonna’ kill you.” Thanks for the heads-up, Aubrey Plaza’s character.

Oh, and then we cut to something falling from the sky, and someone, perhaps his mother, asking about his current state of wellness. He answers with the affirmative, but she arms herself with the sharpest garden tools she can find. David, I don’t think she trusts your answer.

Legion stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Aubrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, and Bill Irwin. Noah Hawley will serve as executive producer and showrunner. Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory, and John Cameron will also serve as executive producers.