First Look at Arseface from AMC’s Preacher


Are you ready for AMC’s live-action iteration of Vertigo Comics’ Preacher series starring a hard-drinking, heavy-smoking Texas Preacher named Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper)? Yes? Good. Are you ready for Jesse’s colorful, irreverent cast of supporting characters like Cassidy the Irish Vampire or Tulip O’Hare, Jesse’s gun-toting ex-girlfriend? Good. Now…are you ready for Arseface? Good. Here’s your first look at Arseface courtesy of AMC:

First Look at Arseface from AMC's Preacher
He’s restricted to liquids for obvious reasons.

Wait, who’s Arseface? Well, in the classic Vertigo comic series, Arseface was once an abused young lad who sought to emulate the violent death of his idol, Kurt Cobain. Said emulation included shooting himself in the face with a shotgun. Unfortunately, because Aresface was pretty much a screw-up during his pre-Arseface days, he somehow managed to completely f**k up the attempt; he survived, but now he’s an incomprehensible, disfigured oddity. Fortunately for us, this heart-breaking tragedy made for incredibly entertaining reading.

In the forthcoming AMC series, debuting Sunday, May 22nd on AMC, Arseface (played by Ian Colletti) is actually given a name: Eugene. Thankfully, the comic series and TV series share the same premise: a failed suicide attempt leading to extreme disfigurement. YES!

So, how is AMC’s Preacher looking to you so far? Scared? Excited? Disgusted? Disinterested? Let us know below!