It’s the First Trailer for Syfy’s KRYPTON Series (and we might not be allowed to show it)

It's the First Trailer for Syfy's KRYPTON Series (and we might not be allowed to show it)

So, the Superman pre-prequel series KRYPTON hasn’t been ordered, not officially, by the Syfy network, but the creators filmed the pilot episode in Serbia — starring relative newcomers Cameron Cuffe and Georgina Campbell as Seg-EL and Lita Zod, respectively — and the trailer to said pilot has somehow, inexplicably, ended up online thanks to currently anonymous parties. OBSERVE!

It appears Superman’s grandfather is the focus here (hence the completely made-up term, “pre-prequel”), and he has the unenviable tasks of reasserting the tenuous honor of the House of El, and preparing for the legendary, forthcoming, planet-splitting cataclysm. Basically, it’s like Titanic in space; we know the eventual, oft-lamented outcome, but the story pre-catastrophe is worth telling.

And the visuals are very much inspired by the Krypton/Superman aesthetics applied by Zack Snyder, which begs the following question: Is this part of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU)? Perhaps.

To recount my earlier assertion: the show hasn’t been ordered so we’re currently unsure of a debut date. As soon as we’re 55 degrees left of “unsure”, we’ll pass it along.

So, thoughts?

Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, Ian McElhinney as Val-El, Elliot Cowan as Daron-Vex, Ann Ogbomo as Alura Zod, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem, Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex, and Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em.