Flash Promo for Tonight’s Episode: (SPOILER) RETURNS!


I guess we got a big old shock last week, didn’t we? Not only did we get to see KING SHARK (I know, I know…I’m still amazed myself) but we also got to see the sorta-return of Harrison Wells! Oh come on…you knew they were going to bring in Tom Cavanagh back to The Flash¬†at some point. He was simply too good to just let die! The real question is on whether or not it is the real Harrison Wells…or if the alternate reality version is as good as…the…um…villain? Ugh. Sliding time-lines and characters can get so confusing. This preview is for tonight’s Flash episode and has Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen and Jesse L Martin’s Joe discussing this rather new turn of events. Should they trust him? Should they kill him? Should they play Jenga with him? You’ll only know if you tune into tonight’s episode on the CW!

Everybody loves the Flash…that is unless you are the Reverse Flash. Then you kind of run into that problem that you can’t exist unless he exists and that gets to be somewhat problematic. Are you excited for the latest season of The Flash? I just wonder when we will be getting the King Shark spin-off from Legends of Tomorrow!