Tons of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser


The Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser trailer came out this week and got us excited to see what happened to Jon Snow. Surprisingly, it showed a lot of Jon Snow – and I mean A LOT of Jon Snow – but nothing new about Jon Snow. Briefly recapping a series of violent acts committed against some of our most beloved characters over the past 5 seasons, this teaser begs the viewer to once again ask the question: What about Jon Snow???? At one point in the trailer, Bran Stark is heard asking, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.” This most likely alludes to the idea that viewers may be surprised by what happens with Jon Snow and the new season. Of course, in an ominously contradictory manner, the narrator implies, strongly, that the fate of Jon Snow is indeed set in stone. He specifically states, “We watch, we listen and we remember. The past is already written, the ink is dry.” That could mean Jon Snow is dead and there’s really no coming back, or that the continuity observed and solidified in season 5 will be barreling headlong into the forthcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones. Only time will tell. Unfortunately, we have to wait until freaking April to get the answers we seek! No, strike that; the answers we DEMAND!

For your convenience, we slowed things down considerably, creating stills from the new Game of Thrones teaser trailer so you can take a closer look at various characters as they’re violently dismembered, or preparing themselves to properly enact violent dismemberment.