Who is the Iron Masked Prisoner in The Flash? Here Are 4 Theories!

Who is the Iron Masked man?
Who is the Iron Masked man?

If you’re like me and you find it impossible to move on after the ending of the latest episode of The Flash, I’ve got some theories for you on who the Man in the Iron Mask could be. All that tapping on the glass pretty much got us nowhere, so it’s up to us crazed fans to obsess over characters who may or may not be the Iron Masked Prisoner we’re all dying to identify. [SPOILERS FOR “Escape From Earth-2” FOLLOW!]

1. The REAL Earth-2 Jay Garrick

Who is the Iron Masked Prisoner in The Flash
He is the REAL DEAL! Potentially.

While that kind of makes no sense (not to mention it’s incredibly frustrating that such a hottie could be so evil), it’s possible that the Jay Garrick Barry and the gang are hanging out with on Earth-1 is an impostor. This speculation only comes from the fact that the iron masked prisoner (how can he even breathe in that thing?) seemed really upset when Barry mentioned that Jay Garrick is safe back on Earth-1.

Iron Masked Prisoner (so I’ll just call him I.M.P. from now on, alright?) tappity-tapped his way into spelling out J-A-Y for Barry when he was trying to decipher the 5×5 P.O.W. tap code, so could it be that I.M.P. is the real deal and he’s being kept in there by Zoom so that his speed can be stolen, too? Could the impostor Jay Garrick on Earth-1 be, well, an impostor? That would sorta explain why he doesn’t have his speed. That’ll be a sad, sad day for Caitlin, though. Her fragile little heart probably won’t be able to take another beating after what happened to Ronnie. Then again, getting her heart broken by Impostor-Jay could be just the right catalyst for her to transform into Earth-1 Killer Frost, which would, honestly speaking, be freakin’ awesomesauce.

  1. The Rival

    Who is the Iron Masked Prisoner in The Flash? Here are 3 Theories!
    Could be Rival. Could be.

If you’re familiar with the comics of the Golden Age Flash, you’ll know that there was this professor who was also obsessed with The Flash’s speed very much like Professor Zoom. Dr. Edward Clariss wanted to become a speedster so much that he developed a serum called Velocity 9 (ring a bell?), which gave him temporary speed. He then proceeded to dress up in darker colors of Jay’s original costume. What is up with these villains trying to “reverse” the hero’s costume color combinations?

Could it be that the Jay Garrick working with Caitlin on Earth-1 was merely a pawn to collect the Velocity 9 into his system only to be pulled back by Zoom at the last moment when the breach was closing? Could the Velocity 9 formula be meant for The Rival and/or Zoom all along? The plot thickens!

  1. Hunter Zolomon
Who is the Iron Masked Prisoner in The Flash?
Is it me? Am I the man in the iron mask…when I’m not reading or feeding the pigeons?

In the comics, Hunter Zolomon became the twisted super-villain Zoom who wanted nothing more than to help The Flash become a “better hero” by causing him heaps of personal tragedy. This is probably the most obvious speculation, as Jay himself showed Caitlin that his Earth-1 counterpart is named Hunter Zolomon, and aptly so. Could it be that the so-called “Jay Garrick” that Caitlin is with is actually Hunter Zolomon from Earth-2 as well? And would that mean that I.M.P. is the REAL Jay Garrick (which brings us back to my first speculation)?

4. Henry Allen

Who is the Iron Masked Prisoner in The Flash?
Could be Henry Allen. He’s had dalliances in super-speed before, right? RIGHT??

The mystery is maddening. It can also be possible that Iron Masked Prisoner is Earth-2 Henry Allen, Barry’s dad, judging from the glimpse of hair we saw at the back of that iron mask. But it can’t be him since he’s chillin’ with Barry’s Earth-2 mom based on that emotional phone call they had, right? (Okay; so I’m officially confusing myself even further now.)

If you just can’t wait until the next episode of The Flash, and if you have a couple of theories of your own, shout out in the comments below. I’d love to know what you guys think!