New Photos from the Set of Flash and Supergirl

New Photos from the Set of Flash and Supergirl
New Photos from the Set of Flash and Supergirl

We told you all about the confirmed Flash and Supergirl crossover event; an event teased months and months ago by several photos featuring Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist adorning their character-specific super-gear. Initially, we were told this teased crossover was the stuff off studio-speculated fiction; both heroes were represented on completely different networks, and inhabited entirely separate worlds. However, fandom’s stunning reaction lead to CBS and the CW manufacturing an amiable armistice and, as previously mentioned, confirmed the crossover event. So…the filming continued on Monday in Los Angeles, granting us new photos from the set of Flash and Supergirl! OBSERVE!

Yeah, we’re not completely sure when the episode will air, and we’re not sure what it’s about, but we kind of know how it might begin. You see, Flash recently entered a wormhole in order traverse Multiversal boundaries and arrive at Earth-2. During this journey through the wormhole, Barry viewed the existence of other universes, and the people potentially populating these other universes. Yes; when he went through the wormhole, he saw an image of Supergirl soaring through the air. So, will Barry enter another wormhole, and/or create his very own wormhole, traversing time and space to land in Supergirl’s particular, CBS TV universe? Mmmmaybe.

Flash stuff? Here!

Supergirl stuff? Here!


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