Is Killer Frost Coming to The Flash Season 3?

Is Killer Frost Coming to The Flash Season 3?
All my friends suffer through my actions.

Barry Allen screwing with the timeline seems to be a common theme for The Flash. We saw Barry going back in time to prevent Reverse Flash from killing his mother at the end of season 2. And, within the first episode of the third season, Flashpoint was done and over with, bringing us back to the reality we all know and love. At least, that’s what we thought until we saw how this new timeline affected Dr. Caitlin Snow.

In season 2, we were introduced to the multiverse with our first trip to Earth-2. At some point in the season’s plot, our friends went to this world and ran into a few of their doppelgangers, one being Caitlin’s counterpart, Killer Frost. At this point, the Caitlin we knew and loved was without metahuman powers. However, the fear of her becoming evil like her counterpart was a concern for both Cisco and Dr. Snow. Thankfully, they would never have to deal with that, right?

So Very Wrong

Caitlin does indeed have the same powers as Killer Frost in the new timeline Barry cooked up. Whereas everyone obviously knows about Barry, and Cisco’s powers are out in the open, I’m wondering why Caitlin is keeping this a secret. I’m unaware if she’s had these abilities since the beginning or if they’ve just emerged recently. None of Team Flash can remember the small differences from the previous timeline, so why the hiding?

Caitlin seems worried. Any time she uses her powers, she is freaked out and nervous; last night’s episode may have given us insight as to why. The events of season 2 still occurred. They still went to Earth-2 and Caitlin came face to face with her evil doppelganger. Seeing herself transforming into this terrible person can be frightening for her and she’s apparently trying to get a handle on it before anyone else knows.

For a fan, it was pretty cool to see the first glimpse of Killer Frost. While showering, Caitlin couldn’t control the cold emanating off her and the water literally turned to ice. She then hopped out, and upon looking in the mirror, discovered her lips had turned a greenish blue and strips of her hair were white. Just like her doppelganger.

There is also a part of me who is very concerned for Caitlin. She’s so precious and doesn’t deserve half of the BS she’s put through (seriously, one husband dead and one boyfriend revealed to be a murderous psychopath). Either way, I have a feeling that this is all going to be revealed soon and will become an instrumental part of the third season.