New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming Soon!

New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming Soon!
New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming Soon!
Wear THIS while preparing emotionally for the third Wonder Woman trailer!

Yep, it seems there’s a third Wonder Woman trailer coming soon; we’re calling it #3 (and so is Consumer Protection BC, apparently) due to the preceding trailer released during San Diego Comic-Con, and the first TV spot released in August. How do we know there’s a Wonder Woman trailer coming relatively soon? Well, our friends at Trailer Tracks recently discovered the trailer’s decided upon classification over at the previously mentioned Consumer Protection BC website. Basically, this means the studio submitted promotional media to the company who then gave it an official rating, verifying its content before allowing it to be enjoyed or vilified by the masses.

Here’s what the official classification looks like-

New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming Soon!
So, at 2:24, we’re getting a full trailer and not some teaser or TV spot striving but failing to be a full-blown trailer.

And when the hell is it coming out?? Well, one could surmise its debut later next month when Fantastic Beasts hits theaters, but Warner Bros. is usually quick to disseminate any trailers soon after classification, so we might see this debut alongside Doctor Strange’s theatrical release. Regardless of where or when it pops up, you bet your bottom we’ll post the dang thing HERE!

And for your convenience…

SDCC Trailer!



Based on the legendary character created by William M. Marston, Wonder Woman is Directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Jason Fuchs, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and Lisa Loven Kongsli. Wonder Woman hits theaters, Minotaurs, Centaurs and possibly Ares on June 2, 2017!