Kevin Smith Wants to Direct Daredevil

Daredevil Fight scene Hallway, Season 1

I guess the world of The Flash isn’t enough! Kevin Smith wants to direct Daredevil and it looks like he’s already tried to get the ball rolling. And no, I’m not talking about him knowing Ben Affleck in real life though that does give him an in-road to both Batman and Daredevil. Joking aside, it is no surprise to see the famous pop-culture director express interest. Kevin Smith wants to direct Daredevil and I think we’d all enjoy that episode!

“I feel very at home in that Flash world, so much so that I’d love to do the others. I even told [Marvel chief creative officer] Joe Quesada – we worked on Daredevil together back in the day, I wrote it, he drew it – I said, ‘Dude, I want to direct Daredevil, man. That’d be wild to be able to do it in real-life – let’s co-direct it, that’d be cool, just like we did the book. We could co-direct an episode and then, like, take the passion from the page to the screen,” said Kevin Smith. He continued, “I’m going to try and make that Daredevil thing happen. Every time I talk to Quesada or [Executive Vice President of Marvel Television] Jeph Loeb, I’m like, ‘Hey! When are you going back down to the cameras?’”

A Kevin Smith directed episode of Daredevil might be pretty interesting, and even if one might be concerned because you aren’t a fan of Silent Bob then at least Joe Quesada would be there. If anything, Kevin Smith seems to be actively trying to bridge the gap between DC and Marvel. Perhaps it is his own personal crusade to show that you can really work with both parties and it isn’t this massive war between the two comic book entities. So much talent tends to flow between the two juggernauts despite what the internet might have you believe.