Lucifer Amazon Prime Trailer


Are you a fan of immortal lords of Hell who gets super-bored with their jobs as said Lord of Hell and then retire to LA…because, let’s be honest, that’s what happens all the time? If you said yes then you probably read the cult-classic Lucifer comic book which is now being adapted for television! Lucifer, the comic book, follows Lucifer as he shakes up the entirety of the cosmos. Nobody from High Above or the Dark Below was safe!

Written by Mike Carey, the Lucifer comic book spanned 75 issues from June of 2000 to August of 2006, placing the ‘Great Deceiver’ within the fashionable confines of the “Lux” nightclub, located in Los Angeles, CA. From there, the always disinterested and modestly disenfranchised Lucifer–with the help of his able assistant, the masked Lilim named Mazikeen–attempted to ruffle the feathers of Heavenly hosts, and remake creation in his very own image. The television series? It looks like it will follow the Dark Lord as he…um…solves crimes! At least it looks like he’s having fun with everybody, right? This trailer comes to us from Amazon Prime, who has picked up the series for the UK. Lucifer starts sometime in 2016!