The Walking Dead: Why We Think (SPOILER!) is Still Alive

The Walking Dead Season 6

If you are like me, you are either mad, sad, or confused about recent developments in The Walking Dead. The last episode of TWD entitled, “Thank You,” which aired last Sunday, seemed to be all about death, death, and more death taking many characters away from the show. The death of [SPOILER COMING] Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, seemed to throw Twitter, Facebook, and my mother into a quagmire that not even Bruce Wayne could climb out of. As frustration and disbelief boiled, I sat and speculated about the fate of Glenn.  Here are the seven reasons why I believe Glenn isn’t actually dead.

  1. This isn’t the way Glenn dies in the comics:

    Many have justified Glenn’s death in the show as simply the show making it interesting. I do acknowledge that you must adapt a comic in order to make it palatable on TV. I disagree that AMC would do this with the death of someone as significant as Glenn. He dies at the hands of Negan in issue #100 of The Walking Dead comic series, so I would hope that AMC has Negan in an episode to come. However, the kicker is that Glenn dies while Maggie is pregnant and he knows she is pregnant. At this point in the show there haven’t been explicit hints that Maggie is pregnant and Glenn doesn’t even know.  This makes for a much less dramatic death, which I cannot accept.

    Glenn meets his end in The Walking Dead Comic Book!
    Glenn takes it in the face courtesy of Negan!
  2. Nick fell on top of him:

    If you look closely at the way they fall, it looks as if Nick falls on top of or slightly across Glenn’s body, meaning that Glenn is protected in this scenario and would be masked by Nick’s dead body scent.

    Neck falls on Glenn in The Walking Dead!
    Nick falls on Glenn!
  3. The intestines shown are not Glenn’s:

    Either Glenn’s chest is really buff and sticks out far or that isn’t actually Glenn. If you look at the first photo below it appears as if the walkers are going to town on Glenn’s chest cavity. Well, I am no doctor, but I am pretty sure that intestines are not underneath your rib cage.  Furthermore, if you watch to the end of that scene, Glenn is still screaming and moving his head. Every other person attacked like that didn’t last that long.

    This may be the end of Glenn on The Walking Dead!
    Is that actually Glenn’s chest?

    Glenn might still be okay during this gruesome scene from The Walking Dead!
    Another image detailing the end of Glenn! Maybe.
  4. They wouldn’t throw away a major character so quickly: 

    Every other character, whether they have a big role or a small role, has died with more dignity and time than Glenn did. I refuse to accept that Glenn died within 15 seconds or without some sort of ultimate Zombie smack down. I will admit the fighting he did before jumping on the dumpster was cool, but it wasn’t fashionable.

    Glenn mounting a dumpster for safety in The Waking Dead!
    The dumpster is an island of safety, Glenn!
  5. He wasn’t on the ‘in memoriam’ slide on The Talking Dead:

    After each show The Talking Dead has an ‘In Memoriam’ section where they remember characters that had died in the previous episode. Guess what? Glenn wasn’t included on any of the slides. So what does that tell you?

  6. Michonne is wise:

    If you look at any of the photos of Glenn ‘dying’ you will notice that blood is everywhere.  Do you remember when Michonne was covered in blood in Episode 306: “Hounded”?  I do, and she spoke about when you are covered in blood, you don’t know if it’s yours or a walker’s or a friend’s. This is foreshadowing for an event such as Glenn’s. The best thing? All of that blood will mask Glenn like it did Michonne. He will be able to get through the walkers safe and sound.

  7. Glenn is cast for the rest of the season:

    The only episode that Glenn Rhee doesn’t appear in this season is in episode 6 of the current season. So, he might have an episode where the focus isn’t on him.  We have seen that before. But, if he is in every other episode in season 6, either Maggie is having a tough time coping and is having flashbacks, or he is actually alive. I will opt for the latter because no one else has held onto a flashback or the hallucination of someone they have lost for an entire season.