Marvel’s Luke Cage Netflix Series Received Its Debut Date!

It's Luke Cage!

Marvel’s Luke Cage, the soon to be third Marvel TV series based on a more grounded superhero surviving a Chirtauri-ravaged New York City, finally received its official release date. Yes, Marvel’s Luke Cage Netflix series received its debut date, and we here at The Source are cheering – collectively and vigorously – SWEET CHRISTMAS!

According to Mike Colter – the actor slated to reprise his Luke Cage role after his successful portrayal in Marvel’s Jessica JonesLuke Cage will be debuting September 30th, 2016. When did Colter spill the beans? Why, that would be during the Daredevil Season 2 premier in New York City. Thanks, Mike!

So, just who in the hell is Luke Cage? Well, you could utilize our very helpful, infinitely informative article entitled, Tracing the History of Luke Cage Through His Colorful Villainsin order to help answer that very question. You’re welcome.

Yes, Luke Cage received his powers from some very questionable dalliances into human augmentation. On top of that, the already questionable methods of scientifically implausible experimentation were interrupted by a disgruntled prison guard. Thankfully, Luke Cage survived the explosion and walked away with nearly impenetrable skin, and NOT with a basketball-sized tumor dangling from his rib cage.

Luke Cage debuts September 30th on Netflix! Dress accordingly with some completely penetrable Luke Cage merchandise!