Meet the Cast of AMC’s Preacher


Preacher, the highly anticipated television adaptation of the long running Vertigo comic of the same name, debuts on AMC on May 22nd. The fine folks over at shared this exclusive video with us, allowing us to meet the cast of AMC’s Preacher!

Dominic West stars as Jessie Custer. Custer is a small town, West Texas minister who finds himself merged with a mysterious entity. The merger grants Custer the power to control the minds of others. It also makes him a wanted man.

Ruth Negga stars as Jessie’s girlfriend, Tulip. Tulip has skeletons of her own and she’s not sure what to make of Jessie’s newfound “gift.”

Joseph Gilgun stars as Jessie’s friend Cassidy. Cassidy wears sunglasses all the time. Now, he doesn’t do that to be cool; Cassidy is a vampire.

Other cast members include Lucy Griffiths (Emily), Anatol Yusef (DeBlanc), Tom Brooke (Fiore), W. Earl Brown (Sherriff Root), Ian Colletti (Arseface), and Derek Wilson (Donnie Schenck).

No word yet on who has snagged the plum role of Herr Starr.

Preacher is produced and developed for television by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad) with showrunner Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad).

Bringing Preacher to television is a risky proposition for all involved. The mature subject matter must be handled in a way that stays true to the original comic so it doesn’t alienate long time fans while being accessible enough to draw in viewers unfamiliar with the source material.

If Team Superbad can do that, Preacher has the potential to be Walking Dead big.